Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On our Frequently Asked Questions page, we answer the most common questions asked by our customers.

Please contact us if your question is left unanswered or need additional information.

Whenever you buy one of our service you earn customer points. These points can be applied to any future purchases on the cart and checkout page for discounts. It is mandatory to be signed in to receive and use your points.

This option allows you to change the default delivery time. In example: When a customer orders 500 plays we process the plays and complete the delivery in 24 hours. You can easily extend a number of days to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even a week If you prefer to have the plays delivered more slowly. This also applies to larger amounts that needed to be delivered faster than the default delivery time shown on the product page.

You can reset when you go the My Account page and click on Lost your password?.

We always send an order confirmation message after we have received your payment. Please check your spam box in case you don’t see the message appearing in your inbox. Make sure you add us to your contact list to ensure that any notification send by us reaches you. Don’t miss out on something important!

We offer 250 free SoundCloud plays for anyone who haven’t tried out our service before. The only thing you need to do is filling in the form once you have clicked on the big orange button located on the homepage with the text CLAIM YOUR 250 FREE SOUNDCLOUD PLAYS

You can upload a text, Microsoft Word or Excel file on the checkout page that contains your self-written comments.

Please use the Order Notes field to submit any additional SoundCloud tracks you would like to provide us with.

We offer Paddle for anyone who would like to use his credit or debit card while checking out. So you can easily buy our SoundCloud plays, reposts, followers, packages or likes without the use of PayPal.

We always use random time delays to ensure a real and natural flow of the order. We also made sure that all our profiles look very real. This makes us the best SoundCloud service provider out there.

You are able to use discount and coupon codes on the cart or checkout page.